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Who I Am

I’m somewhere between…

Little Andrew and Made-Up-To-Be-Old Andrew

I’m a reader, writer (my ebook on creativity is here and on Amazon), actor, foodie, husband, son, blogger, creative, business owner, and very good sleeper.

What I Do For a Living

I currently own and operate Zen Windows Central Pennsylvania, a window replacement company serving Lancaster, Harrisburg, York and the surrounding counties. I love the company because it’s a 21st century model for home improvements: online, hassle-free, efficient. (Here’s a video about it)

I’ve also spent well over a decade as an actor. Mostly stages but a few screens, TV’s, and a ship or two for variety. In the name of entertainment I’ve:

  • Ridden camels and horses.
  • Eaten fire and twirled it all around myself.
  • Pretended to be 800 years old.
  • Sold (via advertisements) cars, pet supplies, baby furniture, and asthma drugs.

Why I Write This Blog

On this blog, I encourage creatives to create, sustain, and grow their creativity. Your creativity can and should be sustainable.

A few randoms…

  • My wife and I write (and vlog) a ridiculous couple’s blog at A Couple Comments. Our goal: make you smile (and maybe learn something).
  • I often use Scrivener to write. If you don’t, you might wanna check it out. Amazing tool.
  • I love candy.
  • Because it’s sometimes difficult to manage an artistic life and online responsibilities like a blog, Twitter account, and other social media platforms, I made this resource page. Something I’ve used might be helpful for you!

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