If you want to…

  • Reignite your creative spark.
  • Stop restarting and start creating.
  • Get a little discipline and love back into your creative practices.

…this e-book guide will help you do it.

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Borne out of a need to add some structure to my own creativity (and from this blog post that seemed to write itself after many of my creative projects failed) Ten Commandments for Creatives is a brief, yet powerful shot-in-the-arm bootcamp for you and your creative projects.

Succinct enough to read in one or two sittings, this e-book is intended to be picked up multiple times to fuel your journey.


[box options]”Ten Commandments for Creatives reminds us that living a passionate and creative life doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple, but important observations and suggestions may be all you need to get the juices flowing.” Jason Mundok, Founder Wood Stove House[/box]

[box options]”I loved how Andrew started the book. He set the expectation that it would be “simple, short, and powerful”…and he was so right. Andrew takes each commandment and expounds on them with practical application. He provides great ideas on how to leverage these concepts to make us better at navigating life as a creative being.” Stephen Brewster, Creative Arts Pastor, Cross Point Church[/box]

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[box options]”I just read Ten Commandments for Creatives and loved it. I’m working on ebook myself right now and I know I will refer to this for inspiration as I move forward in the process. Andrew doesn’t give you fluff in this product. He gives you great advice and how to apply it. I highly recommend it.” Jim Woods, Writer, Musician, Creativity Coach[/box]

[box options]”If you spend any time at all hiking the terrain of creative work, you’ll want Andrew Zahn’s book along as a trail guide. It is obvious that the author knows the terrain well. He’s obviously done the hard climbs and found the pitfalls, and his empathy with his fellow creatives is evident. No matter what type of creative work you do, you’ll find direction, motivation, and sparks of inpspiration in every chapter.” Ken Stewart, editor Context Editorial Services[/box]

[box options]”Mr. Zahn has successfully created an accessible yet in-depth look at the life of the creative. It’s filled with fitting anecdotes and applicable “next steps” in the creative journey. More than anything else, the author’s personality shines through as he honestly shares his own story. So many e-book manifestos come across as the ultimate source of knowledge; Mr. Zahn takes the high road by walking with the reader rather than shouting from above. Bottom line: It’s a quick read that’s sure to leave you feeling convicted, inspired and equipped. Well done Mr. Zahn – can’t wait to read your next book!” Todd Foley, author Eastbound Sailing[/box]

[box options]”Ever had a dark chocolate truffle tart? It’s so rich and wonderful that you can only eat a little bite, but that one bite alone is inspiration in your mouth. Well, I just finished reading the little e-book, “Ten Commandments for Creatives” by Andrew Zahn and I feel like i just finished eating one of those little tarts in book form. If you love being creative, if you don’t think you are creative or if you have been creative and are in a desert place right now, I strongly recommend this little book. Bon Appetit!” Bethany Crawford, Associate Professor, Trinity Baptist College[/box]