A Cheating Blogger Comes Clean

I’ve a bit of a secret… several secrets actually.

I’ve been cheating on you, dear reader.

I’ve been moonlighting on several other sites and I just have to come clean.

Photoforía via CompfightSite (Cheater)

Site One

My wife and I run a vblog/blog together deftly titled A Couple Comments. The pitch: us commenting on nouns (we go places, we see people, we do things).

Then we comment about it.

In the past we’ve reviewed Greek yogurt, airports, and now we’re taking you to the redwoods of Muir Woods, California.

Check us out on www.acouplecomments.com.

Site Two and Three

I’m doing an experiment to see if I could start a website and bring it from zero to number one in the Google search rankings.


  • A challenge.
  • Help more people.
  • Start a small, online business.
  • Get extra income.
  • Teach you to do the same thing if you’ve wanted to start a small, online business but don’t know how.

I’d divulge more about these later, but one of the sites is on the first page of Google already in the #9 position!

[box options]Are you interested in learning how to make a website/blog reach the first page of Google? Let me know in the comments.[/box]


So I’ve got a number of irons in the fire and I’m passionate about all of them. The challenge keeps be excited and looking forward to the work and growth of my skill sets.

On a side note, I’ve gone from watching 2-3 hours of TV a night to about 2-3 hours per week. Sweetness!

Question: Do you have a lot of irons in your creative fire? How do you keep all the embers burning?

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Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and insights on how to get a site to number 1 on Google.

    • Hey Dan!

      I’m thinking of chronicling my methods to make that happen! I’ll keep you updated (the site I was speaking of climbed one spot just today–it’s now #8!)

      • Putting it in an eBook might be good. That’s great, your getting close.

  • Michael

    …too many irons,,, art, books, songs, lectures… keeping them burning? hmm, let me go check them and i’ll get back.
    I love the concept of A Couple Comments. I am married to an artist who completes my sentences (and life).
    Blessings on your marriage, and blog/s.

    • Keeping them burning…. whew. That’s a challenge right?!

      Just so you know, I’m working on the 10 Commandments e-book. My goal is to have it released in the next few months via Kindle (or at least a PDF downloadable ebook).

      I’d love to offer it to your conference attendees at a discounted rate when it becomes available.

      When are your conferences again?

  • That’s a great video! I’m always surprised at the key words people type into Google that guide people to my blog.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Eileen 😉

      It is amazing how with a little creativity and SEO know-how we can increase our rankings and give our blogs greater exposure!

  • So what are you doing – i.e. which search terms are you trying for. I have a few terms that are number one (for 4 years I held the number one spot for “greatest accomplishment of mankind”, my answer – online pizza ordering).

    • I’m keeping the terms on the down-low right now, but it has to do with artists/music/creativity.

      I think I may post a ‘how I did it’ series in case others want to see how that happens.

      Want to write a guest post on how you kept the #1 spot for PIZZA!??!

  • I sincerely enjoyed those videos. I would be interested to hear your commentary on extreme couponing.