The Gutsyness of Creativity

creativity risks

Safety rarely took anything or anyone from good to great.

Our fear of failure, humiliation or judgement must be trumped by our desire to see breakthrough in our creative process.

Question: what risks are you taking?

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Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • Teresa West Carter

    This is so very timely…as I am boldly going forth into the unknown realm (for me) of creating vector graphic for billboards..(insert scary music here)..I just keep telling my self: I CAN DO THIS! I CAN be taught! Thank goodness for online tutorials! I can feel my neural pathways expanding…

    • Let the sizzling neural connections be made!

      You got this one Teresa! 😉