Make Lists

Lists are powerful.

  • Lists remind us of what’s important.
  • Lists help us focus on the task at hand.
  • Lists help us celebrate accomplishments.
 Journal Entry

Recently, I combed through a journal I wrote in October of 1997 and stumbled across a list of eighty people and things I was thankful for.

Reading this list early in the morning–before my workday began–was such a great way to start the day! I loved reading this list so much that I’m thinking of making this a frequent practice.

Here’s my 15-year-old list of thankfulness. (After you read my list, start your own thankful list in the comments below!)

  1. my roommates
  2. fresh air
  3. drama
  4. fabric softener
  5. Aimee
  6. mom
  7. dad
  8. music
  9. Mr. Gibbs
  10. Susan
  11. Todd
  12. my car
  13. plants
  14. Mr. Burnett
  15. stringed instruments
  16. time I’ve been given
  17. America
  18. Student Body
  19. Summer’s Landing
  20. Grandma Rose
  21. My heritage
  22. wart remover
  23. all toiletries
  24. Mrs. Crawford
  25. soft pillows
  26. Autumn
  27. food
  28. health
  29. good mind
  30. windows
  31. snow
  32. rain
  33. the beach
  34. the sun
  35. animals—Max, Prince, Minky, Sarge, Ginger, Gibby, J.P., Janet, Barbra and Nell, and all the others I’ve grown up with.
  36. my computer
  37. file cabinets
  38. books
  39. short stories
  40. plays
  41. alarm clocks
  42. clean bathrooms
  43. any bathrooms
  44. libraries
  45. e-mail
  46. phones
  47. letters
  48. words
  49. eyes
  50. second chances
  51. fog machines
  52. April
  53. grace
  54. a capella music
  55. health—It should be heretofore noted that redundancies can be expected since this list has not been completed in one sitting.
  56. Inkjet printers
  57. Laser printers
  58. Surprise birthday parties yesterday!
  59. juice
  60. warm beds
  61. (now it’s Aug 30, 2000 and I continue)
  62. Sight and Sound
  63. Air conditioning
  64. horses
  65. journals to see growth
  66. non-fluorescent light
  67. unconditional love
  68. the beach
  69. showers
  70. my bed
  71. my Master Bedroom picture
  72. notes of encouragement
  73. homemade things
  74. baked goods
  75. flowers
  76. tennis
  77. swimming pools
  78. healthy body to run
  79. No car accidents
  80. Ability to travel many neat places

What type of lists help you? What’s on your ‘thankful’ list?


Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • I love this! I don’t make a lot of lists in my journal, but I do enjoy going back through old entries and seeing where God has taken me, especially when I’m getting ready for a trip to Czech. Always encouraging to look back on what I wrote while on former trips.

    • Thanks Jason!

      Journaling, wether in list form of not, gives us awesome benchmarks to look back on. It’s such a good practice!

  • Great list. How about the ability to read and understand what I read (usually.) Something I’m SURE I take for granted ALL THE TIME. Really enjoyed this Andrew. Like a shot of good vibes across the interwebs. Thanks for sharing.

    • Those little miracles (like reading and understanding) are so amazing!

      Just opening and closing my hand at times makes me in awe of creation.

      Thanks for dropping by Jim!

  • At first I thought, sweet, I made Andrew’s list! Then I realized it was old, and I was 10 at the time you wrote that. 😛 Haha. Fantastic list though, and what an invaluable concept. Sure makes it harder to complain about our circumstances when we choose to be thankful.

    • You’re on my CURRENT thankful list Todd!

  • I employ lists every day in my life, they’re so helpful for staying focused (& feeling accomplished). This ‘thankful’ list idea is great, too. Reminds me of my grandma singing the hymn, “Count Your Blessings.” Aside from the many obvious items, my list would have coffee & frogs added in the mix somewhere.

    • 🙂 You love those little hoppers don’t ya!?

      Yes, we creatives can easily get distracted… so they are paramount for keeping us focused… and thankful.

  • Family. Fun. Vols

    • I bet you love the color orange too 😉

      • Orange might hold a special place in my heart. 🙂

  • Dora

    Hey Andrew Great piece, I always have a list of a word in every language I know-just to find out how many ways there is to say something, like:Thank You (English), Asante (Swahili), Xie Xie (Chinese), Erokamano (Luo), Gracias (Spanish), Danke (German)