What Gives You Goosebumps?

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We act out of duty or out of passion.

Sometimes we act out of duty and passion.

But passion always wins.


For creatives, we have to feed ourselves some daily goodness to replenish our levels of passion and creativity. I have a list of go-to things that always fills me up with passion, inspire me to action and ignite me to create.


I’m a horrible dancer. Well, maybe not horrible, but you won’t see me auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance. Ever.

When I was doing musical theater for a living I knew I needed to brush up my dance skills to make sure I had a competative edge. Gotta get those gigs! So I signed up for a ballet class.


Here’s what I learned…

  • I’m not a ballet dancer.
  • I have a tremendous respect for ballet (and all dancers) after taking the class.
  • Dancing involves every part of your mind, body and spirit.

If I ever need inspiration or to get a goosebump-buzz, I’ll go to a show with amazing dancing or watch someone who inspires me. Check out this video… if this doesn’t make you feel something, you’re already dead…

Unique. Passionate. Excellent.


I get inspired by other people who are doing great work. People who take risks and live on the edge always inspire me to do the same.

Here’s a few of those people:

Jason Mundock: Jason is the founder of Wood Stove House which “creates and supports opportunities for performing artists and audiences to share positive creative experiences. We seek to achieve this mission through the production and promotion of performing arts events, our Around the Wood Stove podcast, and project management and marketing consulting services.” Thanks Jason! You inspire me to be a better creative!

Bryan Allain: Bryan’s work ethic is second to none. He’s been blogging consistently for ten years, has a top selling book on Amazon (affilate link) and just last year launched a blogging community called Killer Tribes (I’m a proud member). All this while being a great Dad to his kiddos and holding down a job he wasn’t 100% in love with. Read more about his journey here.

My Wife: What can’t this amazing woman do? She’s a writer, actor, heaven-sent singer and she’s built an incredible business called Sugared Beauty that is growing steadily every month. Not only do I love her–I’m inspired by her. Oh, and I just kissed her goodbye as she headed out the door to be interviewed on a morning news show. Yup, a news anchor was her customer and loved Sarah’s products so much, she wanted Sarah on the show! All around fantasticness!

Get inspred by these great people! Visit their sites and get the goosebump effect for yourself.


Yes, I’m insired by you.

I’m in awe of you folks who read this blog, who do great work and who inspire me and others to do the same.

I’m inspired by…

  • Chad at Randomly Chad, who shares his thoughts and journey so honestly, I feel like I’ve met him, though I haven’t yet.
  • Scott at In Due Season, who’s gone from tremendous debt to complete financial freedom. Now he helps others get free from the debt-prison.
  • You.

You have something to offer that no one else can offer. Your creativity has value, purpose and fills a need for someone else.

Thanks for inspiring me!

[box options]Question: What inspires you, gives you goosebumps and feeds your creative passion?[/box]


Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • My family (my wife and two kids) are definitely a huge source of inspiration for me.

    • Great to have a support system like that Jon!

  • Hey, man! Thanks! I’m inspired, and encouraged,by your creativity. It’s people like you–folks who believe in me, in what I’m doing–that make it all possible.

    Thanks, Andrew!

    and someday, my friend, someday–we’ll sit down for coffee. And the stories we will share will be epic!

    • Epic indeed.

      We might have to make our own app to communicate the absolute epic-ness.

  • Thanks, Andrew. Your writing is very powerful to me, and often kicks me in the pants when I’m feeling creatively “on E”, or just plain feeling sorry for myself. I’m honored that I can inspire you just the same.

    My creative passion is also (sadly) fueled by my own mistakes. I’m as passionate about helping others avoid the same mistakes I’ve made as I am about not repeating them myself!

    • Mistakes are powerful learning tools. Keep making them (and learning from them!). I will if you will!

  • Thanks for the shout out, my friend. This blog has been one that inspires me each week. It’s been a true pleasure watching it blossom. You’re doing great work! Thank you.

    • My pleasure Jason. Listened to your podcast on the way to work yesterday… very inspirational!