6 Types of Creatives

The Dreamer

Jorge Miente (Creative Commons)




Dreaming ignites.

Dreaming activates.





The Thinker

Toni Blay (Creative Commons)


Thinking ideates.

Thinking meditates.





The Mooch

Ilya Boyandin (Creative Commons)




 Stealing cheats.

Stealing borrows.





The Will Do

origamidon (Creative Commons)




Waiting dies.

Waiting evaporates.




The Glory Days

Vincent van der Pas (Creative Commons)



 Remaining hinders.

Remaining suspends.






  The Breakout

todderick42 (Creative Commons)



Working fashions.

Working prevails.





Are you on this list? Which ones did I miss?


Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • “Will Do” on a bad day “Dreamer” on a good day.

    • Andrew Zahn

      You’re also The Breakout! Love reading your blog Seymour!

      • Cheers!

        How about “The Hacker”, overlaps a bit with “The Mooch/Adapter” – improvising, problem solving, fixing …

        Anyway, I don’t think YOU said where YOU come in all these yet??? 😉

        • Andrew Zahn

          “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. ” Einstein.

          So… if I ascribe to that mantra, I guess I’d be the moocher/adapter?

          I think there’s honor in most of the types except The Will-Do and perhaps The Glory Days…

          I’m the thinker most of the time and a healthy dash of dreaming, but then I’m the breakout. I get ill of just thinking and dreaming… I want to DO.

  • Jim

    I think creatives are ALL of the above at a given point in time. The picture for “the mooch” is hilarious. I love that one. Maybe I’m a “mooch” at heart. (Aren’t we all if we are honest??)

    • Andrew Zahn

      Depends on the day right… just as Seymour said.

      We all do borrow a bit don’t we? You’re just one of the few that might admit it. Scrollwork (comment below) says ‘mooching adapter.’

      I’d say ‘adapter’ sounds a lot nicer than ‘moocher.’ 😉

  • I used to be “The Will Do” Now, I think I’m “The Thinker”

    Unless I’m the one you missed: “The Frazzled” overloading burns-out, overloading suffocates.

    Hmm, maybe I’m ready for the weekend!

    • Andrew Zahn

      Awesome! That’s progress Christine!

      I did have ‘The Tinker-er’ as one of them; oddly enough, I was tinkering too much with the pic and just had to move on because I became “The Frazzled.”

  • Love how the Will Do writing on the wall reminds me of the Soup Nazi. “No soup for you!”

    I’m a mooching adapter. I suck the energy off blogs, Pinterest, etsy, etc. and use it to fuel my writing and fabric art. I watch Dancing with the Stars for the choreography to adapt it for our showcase performances. I meditate on photos entered in the weekly Digital Photography School (DPS) challenge and embed them in my mind so my eyes can see better when I put a camera lens up to them.

    Can you tell us about this whole “actor in an office” gig you’ve got in life? Curious.

    • Andrew Zahn

      Aw, Seinfeld. Love the honesty too… adapter is a better word than mooch.

      Ah, the actor thing. I spent 10 years doing mostly theater, a few commercials, and a tiny bit of TV and odds and ends. Now I work as a corporate sales trainer and also work in marketing to get my ‘creative’ on. I get to do a gig every now and then (doing a little murder mystery thing tomorrow).

      At my ‘day job,’ I feel I’m just putting on a costume and pretending to be in business. It’s all the same really. Just a new role. Hence, the actor in an office.

      Thanks for asking.

      • “I feel I’m just putting on a costume and pretending to be in business.” Interrrresting. It resonates with me! I smell a blog post coming on (after I get through my pile of freelance editing.) You have my permission to moo- er, adapt. Not that you ever need my permission.

        Do you have a Youtube channel where we can view your work?

        Also, on “creativity’s secret is knowing how to hide our sources” — and I thought only journalists knew how!

  • What a great list!!!

    I would add the Leader,
    Leading self
    Leading others
    Being able to follow

    • Andrew Zahn

      Leading AND being able to follow. There’s art in that tightrope walk!