Real Artists Work

I’m always inspired by being around artists that challenge and stretch me and since I’ve given up being a passion basher, I see people differently, places differently and my fellow creatives differently.

This past weekend my wife and I headed to the city for artistic inspiration: New York City. My takeaway from our getaway: real artists work.


We saw a couple Broadway shows…

In Cyrano De Bergerac, Cyrano’s first entrance was from the street–from house right of the theater. He then ranted throughout the entire theater, climbing several floors of steps to deliver lines at various locations while shrouding his facial protuberance in the dark of the performance hall and the tilt of his plumed hat.

Only a top athlete could accomplish this feat without becoming breathless and extremely winded. Continue reading “Real Artists Work”

All Grown Up – Seriously Creative

I have an awesome day job.

I still get to do acting gigs every couple months.

I’m a ‘responsible adult.’ But the words ‘responsible adult’ make my inner creative kiddo throw up in my mouth.

I don’t always feel grown up.

Remember watching The Dark Knight? The Batman movie starring the late Heath Ledger as The Joker in which he challenges a soon-to-be victim: “why so serious?” I’m taking the phrase of context, but I sometimes ask myself “why so serious, Andrew.” Or perhaps a better question might be “why so intense?” As an artist in an office, I still feel deeply. I’m still an artist even if I’m looking at an expense report, hosting a training class, or speaking with executives. Continue reading “All Grown Up – Seriously Creative”

You’re An Actor: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

You’re an actor.


You want to be liked. You want to be special, chosen, influential.

You want to make people feel something.

That’s what actors do: transfer feelings.

[box options]We numb ourselves with food, entertainment, and sometimes even other people. We want to feel again.[/box]

If you create, your art takes on a character and that character is a vehicle to carry your thoughts, ideals, and feelings to whomever engages with your creation. Yep, you’re an actor. Continue reading “You’re An Actor: The Good, Bad, and Ugly”