Ideas Are Like Dreams, Unless…

Taking Mr. Sinek’s advice, here are some of the creative projects I’m working on…

Question: What cool projects (or boring projects that might be cool someday) are you working on? Let us know in the comments!

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Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • Now THIS is a great place!  I can feel the creative element oozing off my screen as soon as I hit your home page.  Awesome!  Hmm, as far as projects for me…..I have one picture book due out with Putnam in 2014, but I’m just hoping I’m still alive by then.  (the wheels of traditional publishing turn slow). Toying with the idea of an ebook but that’s still in the playing stages in my mind…trying to post daily to my blog has been the biggest change (I’m a Goin-er) for me recently.

    In keeping with Mr. Sinek’s sentiments, my mother would say  every time I would call her with my daily report of the darling, adorable, slightly annoying things her grandchildren had done that day, “Are you writing all this down???”
    (No mom, I’m home with three little kids – you are not- maybe if I give you pen and paper, YOU could write it all down!) 

    • I’m so glad you feel the creative river on the site Beth.

      Congrats on your book and thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to you input on here! (fellow Goin-er too!).

  • LIVING the dream Andrew 🙂

  • Andrew, I am writing Good:Tasting Tasting and Seeing God very slowly.

  • I have a few things I’m working on:
    – redesigning my personal blog
    – updating content and possibly redesigning the a ignite website
    – compiling Fuel devotions others (blogging friends) have written to post on the Ignite website
    – countless projects at my new job
    – developing a Czech area on the Ignite website with videos and posts.

    • That’s some awesome, very meaningful work! 

      You’re designer folk make me swoon. I’m gonna attempt a redesign of this thing (fingers crossed)!

      Blessings on your projects.

  • Our first Creativity Conference (public announcement soon)
    Lancaster’s 2nd Annual 24 Hour Plays!
    Making music with some great friends.

    • The work you do is so good I wanna eat it. 

      For real.

      • Thanks, man. I think 🙂

        • Yes! (it is about 3% creepy of me to say that, but I can risk it with you Jason)

          • It warms my heart that you feel comfortable rolling those dice!

  • It’s nice to meet you, Andrew. This is some good stuff.
    I’m in the early stages of a book to help facilitate communication between people on the autism spectrum and neurotypicals. It is an analogy of my two greatest loves: my children and gems/jewelry.

    • Wow Michele! I’m fascinated by the awesome work people are doing! That sounds quite amazing, and I’m sure your changing so many lives.

      • Thanks, Andrew. I still have a few more months of researching and structuring before editing. By the end of October I will have “share worthy content.”
        And I so enjoy reading about all the other good projects people are doing to create goodness in this world. Wa-hoo!

  • Teresa Carter

    Just finished writing a children’s book called Curio and the Land of Wate: A Kingdom Story Part I. Writing a second called The Princess Who Thinks She’s a Dragon – which will be fun to illustrate; and on the horizon I want to develop a creative art/craft/business project for women and children rescued from Human Trafficking – teach them the skill, and sell the finished product online and in a store/gallery called Re:Store. Need lots and lots of wisdom for the latter – and a business plan…which is where I get totally lost.

    • I love all those projects I got a lot more excited when I read your human trafficking project. That’s something a lot of us could really sink our teeth into. If you’re looking for help consider writing a guest post on this blog. You never know who may be reading and want to join what you’re doing.

      • Teresa Carter

        The latter is my heart – hoping the former projects will help to facilitate the latter. My husband Mike (he’s a big fan of yours 🙂 and I teach and do art and want to use that to really make a difference in the world. Right now we are just looking up at that big mountain and wondering which way to climb.
        A guest post might provoke some creative solutions. That would be great 🙂

        • Whenever you’d like to! Standing invitation Teresa!

  • Haiku

    love this post andrew!
    things i am working on:
    -my blog
    -a change in career (move from logistics in PA to counseling in CO)
    -cultivating ideas/plans for travel to far off places- for a blog, for experience, for food, for the love of people and how they work, live, and play
    -figuring out how to productively contribute to fostering community through various training/physical activities combined with art and music
    in the words of vonnegut:
    “What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”

    • Shivers of delight at that Vonnegut quote! Love it!

      I’d love for you to guest post if you’re up for it sometime!

      • Haiku

        absolutely! i’ll attempt to assimilate this incredible summer’s journey into a brief coherent piece, and send it your way. 🙂