The Age of Interesting

[box options]Two million blog posts are written and introduced to the world every single day.*[/box]

That statistic may haunt us. We ask ourselves “how will my voice be heard?” What’s a creative to do?

  • Be louder?
  • Work harder?
  • Stop sleeping and start tweeting?

There’s a silver lining. The beauty of the voluminous amount of new content available on a daily basis is that those who are interesting win. Those who bend the spoon in a new direction, take the road less traveled, and break the rules from time to time gain the edge.

The Age of Interesting – Drawn on

The Age of Interesting

The worst mistake to make when trying to be interesting is… trying to be interesting.

Muscling your way into someone’s mind simply doesn’t work. Interest causes our minds to ask questions. Interest makes us lean in and listen better. And interest makes us return for more.

Interest succeeds where mere brute force ends.

So I’m going to dare you and dare me. I’m daring us to go out on a limb.

You In?

*Source: 24 Hours on the Internet

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Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • I like what you’re saying.  I’m always more interested in someone who is interested in me.

  • I love it! And I fit the whole weird thing. Just ask my friends. 😀

    • Andrew Zahn

      Weird is…. interesting!

    • I believe it Jason! Weird is normal… to some 😉

  • Hmm! Interesting.  It is overwhelming to think about how many blogs exist and how mine will stand out…that’s why I just try not to think about it cause depression will set in real fast!lol  

    • That’s why we gotta focus on doing good work… and not those astronomical numbers. I hear ya!

  • Be interested to be interesting.  Human interaction 101.   2 ears, 1 mouth.   

    I don’t know what season of Survivor it was, how many seasons they had after, or even if it’s still on, but I got a kick out of one of the challenges in particular.  It didn’t involve rope climbing, eating bugs, or walking over hot coals and getting 3rd degree burns— it was a test on how well the group took time to listen to each other.Jeff Probst would ask each person something about another in the tribe at random.  How many kids do they have, where did they climb a mountain, what is their least favorite food, where are they from, etc.It was amazing how many of them failed miserably.  They slept huddled together for warmth, hunted for food together, and even bathed together.  But few took the time to REALLY be interested.   The few who were, most times were the winner.Even in that setting, it exposes just how self-absorbed we can be, and how taking time to listen and to honestly put others before yourself can get you further in whatever game you’re playing.Like, say, LIFE!Thanks for sharing that link, Andrew.  

    • Smart challenge. I wonder if we did that now how many of us would pass/fail?!?!

      Thanks for sharing that Scott!

      • yeah. like I vaguely recall you mentioning that you are a plumber by day, a lounge singer by night, and you despise candy, right? I pay attention!

        • Such a good memory Scott! You warm my heart. 😉

  • Very cool post and video, Zahn. You, my friend, are interesting.

    • Well, bearded one, your take on the church, worship, and trivial things always ropes me in on your blog as well.