Degrading Other Creatives

Anti-Torture Vigil - Week 18
Justin Norman via Compfight
  • She’s a natural. 
  • Everything he does seems to turn to gold.
  • They have “the it” factor.

Slippery slope.

Attributing fellow artists’ accomplishments to anything but work ethic, desire to learn and dedication is a grave mistake for our own creativity.

Yet, it’s easy to fall into this dishonoring thinking pattern.

Would we think/speak this way with any other occupations or hobbies?

  • He’s a natural at building houses. He was born that way.
  • She just knows accounting. I don’t know how but she’s just got that “it factor’.
  • He’s so lucky at writing software and getting it to the market. 

Ridiculous, right? Then why do we sometimes think/speak this way about the work and success of our fellow creatives? Somehow it feels right (or good) for us to downplay the work of others and emphasize luck instead. Continue reading “Degrading Other Creatives”

Honor: Pass it On

Happy Memorial Day! We’ve so much to be thankful for, don’t we?

Granted, some of you are reading this post outside of the American boarders yet we all have one things in common: honor.

The following video was created by my pastor’s son Brandon Hess. He excellently communicates honor with pictures, music, and story. I know you’ll enjoy it.     [box options]Share the honor by sharing this video by clicking one of the share options to the left. Happy Memorial Day![/box]

remembrance part 2:  eternal thanks to those who served
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