Just For Fun

Fact: I’ve only seen two movies in the theater alone…and I slept through both of them.

What do you do with your free time? I make pages on my blog that are somewhat pointless… like my JFF page.

Where do you work? Fake answer: next door. Real answer: almost anywhere. I’m the owner of a window replacement company in Central Pennsylvania. I love the simplicity of the company and love that I can still be creative and write books, act and spend time with my primo awesome family. 

When do you have time to blog? When I’m not eating. So that gives me an extra 10 minutes a day.

Why do you do this? Sharing is joyful. Hoarding isn’t. I want to share. Will you join in with me?

How did the switch from PC to Mac go for you? I was dead and then, behold, there was life.

The two movies I slept through (since you asked): Chicken Little and Karate Kid (2010 version–I’d never sleep through the 1984 version. Nev-er.)

  • oooh so you’re already an Apple “user”, bout time you DID get yourselves i-phones too!

    Is the mac that much better, honestly? My daughter loves hers and sits sneering at me on my lil ol’ Sony laptop .. Brat, I must ground her now I think about it ..

    • I used to think Macs were ‘play’ computers for people who just made art and stuff.

      I was wrong.

      And yes, time to get the iPhones! Welcome to the 21 century …

      • Update: Lady Joan and gentlemen, we have an iPhone!

        Music cue: “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Alladin.