The Plate Spinning Artist

As creatives, we lead project-driven lives. We are the plate-spinners. The task-jugglers. The multiple-hat-wearers.


Currently I’m…

  • Writing a new book with two other friends. I’d say we’re about 63.2% done. (more on that in the months to come!)
  • Launching two social media campaigns for my day job.
  • Learning to be a father…we’re due in about six weeks!
  • Maintaining social media content for one client (with weekly blogging).
  • Posting this blog post.

Lot’s of spinning plates, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably similar as a creative.

We love to see projects through to completion and get frustrated when we hover too long in one place without moving forward. We want we need momentum.

To help us move forward with our projects, I’ve stolen borrowed this stellar list from Robert D. Smith.

1. You can never be too generous. Give to others—and then give some more!

2. The only difference between you and the people who accomplish great things is the way you think.

3. Always be asking yourself, “What is important now? What is next?”

4. Make today count. Live it like it is your last. Every minute matters.

5. Eat dessert first. Learn to celebrate life and then live out of that celebration.

6. Assume YOU are the problem. When you do, you quit becoming the victim and begin shaping the outcome.

7. Embrace rejection. Every no puts you one step closer to a yes. (Tweet that)

8. You never really cross the finish line. Performing at a big show, publishing a book, or even getting a record deal isn’t the finish line. It’s the new starting line.

9. Life is not about finding yourself; it is about creating yourself.

10. Play full-out. Hold nothing in reserve.

A great list, but I wonder: what would you add to it?

What would be your number 11, 12, 13… let us know in the comments below.

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Author: Andrew Zahn

I'm a son, husband, dad, business owner, actor and good sleeper/eater. On this blog, I pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.

  • Michael

    11. Imagination is malleable. Keep an ‘eye’ on who. or what, shapes it.

  • For me, sometimes it’s as simple as setting a deadline. When there is no deadline, it’s easy to drag something out. Give me a deadline, I get stuff done.

    • Ah deadlines. I’m supposed to set a deadline to day but I think I’ll do that next week…

      • You inspired me to readjust my deadlines too Andy! Thanks…so much easier 😉

  • Great questions. I know at times I have to much going on that I need to just complete something to feel like I’m making progress. Good post!

    • Took your advice and did that yesterday! Feels so great to cross projects off the list!