The Plate Spinning Artist

As creatives, we lead project-driven lives. We are the plate-spinners. The task-jugglers. The multiple-hat-wearers.


Currently I’m…

  • Writing a new book with two other friends. I’d say we’re about 63.2% done. (more on that in the months to come!)
  • Launching two social media campaigns for my day job.
  • Learning to be a father…we’re due in about six weeks!
  • Maintaining social media content for one client (with weekly blogging).
  • Posting this blog post.

Lot’s of spinning plates, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably similar as a creative.

We love to see projects through to completion and get frustrated when we hover too long in one place without moving forward. We want we need momentum.

To help us move forward with our projects, I’ve stolen borrowed this stellar list from Robert D. Smith. Continue reading “The Plate Spinning Artist”

Work in Progress: Weirdest Blog Post Ever

This morning, I started two blog posts.

And didn’t finish them.

It feels a bit like my work today is a failure.

A flop.

I even considered not posting at all today…

But it’s time to make some lemonade.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the weirdest blog post ever…

Continue reading “Work in Progress: Weirdest Blog Post Ever”

iPad 3 and the Technology Buffet: Does Technology Help Creativity?

With the new iPad coming out in a few days I’ve heard a voice creeping up from inside me.

It says things like:

  • The iPad 3 will help you be more creative.
  • You’ll write more if I buy and iPad 3.
  • The iPhone and MacBook are just distractions. You can use an iPad 3 just for writing. It’ll help you focus. No, for reals Andrew. It will help. You won’t play Angry Birds, Words with Friends, or The Little Baby Chicken Goes to the Graham Cracker Factory. It will help you be more creative! Buy and iPad 3!!! Continue reading “iPad 3 and the Technology Buffet: Does Technology Help Creativity?”