Go On A Journey with Eastbound Sailing: 14 Things I Loved

We all love a journey.

We don’t all love a ‘process.’

The ‘are we there yet’ syndrome sometimes overtakes me from the backseat of my life, robbing me of present joys, wonders and explorations.

Luckily, there’s help…

In his first novel, author and editor (and a great friend of mine) Todd Foley invites you to process the journey with the main character, Aiden Lawrence.

Eastbound Sailing synopsis:

Aiden Lawrence has itchy skin that he can’t scratch–he won’t allow others to scratch it either. Forced to start confronting some of his insecurities, what will Lawrence choose? Community or isolation? Acceptance or rejection? A critical spirit or a compassionate spirit?

14 Things I Loved in Eastbound Sailing

  1. I empathized with Aiden.
  2. The descriptions Foley made about food. Boeuf bourguignon anyone?
  3. The honest irreverence.
  4. The honest reverence.
  5. The honesty.
  6. The feeling of the island–a blend of the Pacific Northwest and heaven.
  7. The readability.
  8. Warmth amongst a sometimes cold world.
  9. Compassion.
  10. Hope.
  11. Freedom.
  12. The beginning.
  13. The middle.
  14. The ending that left me pensively hopeful and satisfied, like I’d just eaten a Thanksgiving feast!

[box options]The learn more about Eastbound Sailing check it out on Kindle or the paper version. While you’re at it, head on over to Todd Foley’s blog. You’ll be glad you did![/box]