Inspiring People

Until I die, I must live an inspired life.

love to be inspired. I love to be inspiring.

That’s why I write this blog.

That’s why I read, write, speak, act, sing, dance…it’s all because there’s more to life than going to work, eating, sleeping and then repeating it all forever.

To be inspiring, we must be inspired. 

Some wonderful, inspiring people who’ve given me fuel for my creative projects are my friends Susanne and Jason Mundok. Continue reading “Inspiring People”

Play Grounds Theater On Site

Play Grounds: Theater on Site
Play Grounds: Theater on Site

I like to play with my food.

I like to be childlike.

And May 5th and 6th I’ll be playing in a steller event called Play Grounds: Theater on Site.

Jason Mundok and Steve Carlson, the same fine folks who produced 24 Hour Plays last year, keep turning the “make stuff happen” wheel for the artistic community in central Pennsylvania. Engaging writers, technicians and actors, Mundok and Carlson take their work to the streets. Literally. Continue reading “Play Grounds Theater On Site”

What’s on Your Milestone

How do we know we’re moving if we don’t have milestones?

Every now and then, it’s fun (or challenging) to see where our creative life is going.

Ten minutes of reflection, strolling through some photos or just a ‘year in review’ with my wife will often reveal where we’re at and where we want to be.


Here’s a few recent milestones in pictures…

The Good: our ‘made out of a tomato tree stand’ Christmas Tree. Creative. Saved money on a real one. Looks interesting.

Continue reading “What’s on Your Milestone”