10 Reasons Your CURRENT Day Job is Creative (Really)

In a couple hours, I will don my costume for the day. I call it ‘business casual.’

I will sport a professional, corporate look.

I shall spend the morning in a sales meeting and the afternoon strategizing, making phone calls and working with the marketing department.

Ladies and gentlemen: I am a public relations manager.

Yet, I still consider myself a creative. Are you in the same boat? You’re waiting tables at the diner. You’re answering phone calls in a cubicle. You’re picking up endless messes from the kiddos.

We are all creative.

Today, our jobs are creative because like every prolific artist:

  1. We will influence the way people see something.
  2. We will share joy.
  3. We will connect rather than just exist.
  4. We will employ our mediums, whatever they may be, to communicate our ideas.
  5. We will think as creatives think.
  6. We will bring life to our workplace.
  7. We will entertain.
  8. We will believe that our work is good.
  9. We will help.
  10. We will contribute.

Time to put on that costume now, and I’m thankful. Thankful that it’s my choice to see this day job as an artist does. Continue reading “10 Reasons Your CURRENT Day Job is Creative (Really)”