Several Reasons Why You May Not Want to Cut the Cable Cord

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Today’s post is from a great college friend of mine, Jeremy Doan. After Jeremy read 14 Reasons This Artist Doesn’t Need Cable TV, he and I had a stimulating Twitter conversation resulting in me asking if he’d share his thoughts with you.

And I’m so very glad he did. Enjoy…

Jeremy’s bio: “I am the husband of Superwoman and a father of four part-time devil children (with another on the way). By day I work as a software engineer.  The rest of the time, I am an amatuer photography, a film-watcher, a book-reader, a music-listener, and a nature-experiencing. In other words, I am a short-talented Renaissance Man.”

Feel free to connect with Jeremy on Twitter.


I  don’t completely agree Andrew’s post “14 Reason This Artist Does Not Need Cable TV”. After reading it, I considered writing a snarky reply entitled, “14 Reasons Why Every Artist Needs Cable TV.” That would have been fun.

However, further contemplation revealed that I did not want to provide counterpoint to each of Andrew’s points, but to add some nuance to the overall spirit of the post. I agree (mostly) with this spirit. I even agree with several of his points. I particularly appreciate points 9 and 10—you do not need Cable to get the really good shows.

Thus, I took a break from my YouTube viewing to write a psuedo-reply.

Walden Pond and Greenwich Village

A key factor, possibly even the most important factor, for creativity is discipline. As Andrew has pointed out on many occasions, inspiration does not come by accident.

We have to seek it out.

Creativity involves work.

Creativity takes discipline and intentionality.

Creativity involves action–we either peer through the distractions, or prune them from the path. Thoreau found inspiration on Walden Pond. Dylan found inspiration in Greenwich Village. To a great extent, inspiration and creativity occur despite our surroundings. As William Blake says:

“I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I would Question a Window concerning a Sight: I look thro [sic] it & not with it.” (From A Vision of the Last Judgment) Continue reading “Several Reasons Why You May Not Want to Cut the Cable Cord”

7 Attributes of the Entrepreneurial Artist

Artists create for multiple reasons.

  • Some artists create for their own pleasure.
  • Some artists create for others.
  • Some artists create for profit, seeking to sell their work.

But there is one artist who creates for all those reasons and a myriad of others–this is the entrepreneurial artist.

the entrepreneurial artist
Photo Credit: Mark Mathosian

1. The entrepreneurial artist embraces obstacles as opportunities.

He knows that each challenge is an opportunity for breakthrough problem solving, leading to greater creativity, greater freedom and potentially greater profit.

2. The entrepreneurial artist fosters an environment of sustainability with his creativity.

She gives freely, charges freely, and shares freely. Continue reading “7 Attributes of the Entrepreneurial Artist”

Your Biggest (non-creative) Mistake

We all love mistakes.

Right? Well, maybe we don’t love them, but I certainly do.

Mistakes are sometimes costly and often embarrassing. Which is why I love them.

love mistakes. I’ll proudly say that I’ve been known to watch the blooper reel of DVD’s before even watching the movie. Mistakes bring joy.

love mistakes. I bragged about some of my recent ones in this post. Mistakes humanize us.

love mistakes. Mistakes are a pathway to growth.

But there’s one mistake none of us can afford to make.

It has nothing to do with money and nothing to do with humiliation.

So what is it?

Continue reading “Your Biggest (non-creative) Mistake”

Creative Community: 2 Questions, 2 Minutes, 1 Comment

It’s exciting to see the creative community on this site continue to grow.

Source: daniel.d.slee (Creative Commons)

The citizenry includes vibrant designers, inspiring pastorsfinancial coaches, imaginative writers, creative moms, blogging gurus, prolific producers, gifted graphic artists, and many more that we don’t know anything about.

But that’s about to change.

Continue reading “Creative Community: 2 Questions, 2 Minutes, 1 Comment”

Finding Your ‘Special Purpose’

What’s your ‘special purpose?’

Purpose for … your job, your family, your creative projects, your blog, your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Why do you do what you do?

A 19 second scene from The Jerk with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters:

Continue reading “Finding Your ‘Special Purpose’”