Dreams vs Goals

As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 peers over the horizon, I started thinking about my goals for the coming year. dreams vs goals

My thoughts swirled…

So, you wanna do some dumb resolution thing for 2014?

No. That’s a bit tired.

OK, maybe write out your dreams for the coming year then…or your goals.

Well, which is it…dreams or goals?

I dunno. Who are we talking to?

It’s me…you.

Oh, so glad it was me talking and not you talking.

What were we talking about before we interrupted us?

The conversation between myself and myself got more strange (if that’s possible) so I continued it on Facebook. I asked if dreams were different from goals and, if so, how? Here’s a few of the responses. Continue reading “Dreams vs Goals”

Do What You Have to Do to Do What You Want To Do

The pathway to living our artistic dreams has a lot more “have to’s” before all the “want to’s” come to fruition. 

We’ve all heard the story of the journey of a butterfly from caterpillar, to cocoon and then to emerging as a beautiful butterfly. But if that butterfly gets any assistance breaking free from the cocoon, it won’t develop the strength needed to fly.

Big magic - Grosser Zauber
Margrit via Compfight

It’s difficult to break free.
It’s not always pleasurable to toil.
It may even feel like wasted time–but we’re developing the strength to fly.

As a creative person, do you ever feel the same way? Continue reading “Do What You Have to Do to Do What You Want To Do”

7 Attributes of the Entrepreneurial Artist

Artists create for multiple reasons.

  • Some artists create for their own pleasure.
  • Some artists create for others.
  • Some artists create for profit, seeking to sell their work.

But there is one artist who creates for all those reasons and a myriad of others–this is the entrepreneurial artist.

the entrepreneurial artist
Photo Credit: Mark Mathosian

1. The entrepreneurial artist embraces obstacles as opportunities.

He knows that each challenge is an opportunity for breakthrough problem solving, leading to greater creativity, greater freedom and potentially greater profit.

2. The entrepreneurial artist fosters an environment of sustainability with his creativity.

She gives freely, charges freely, and shares freely. Continue reading “7 Attributes of the Entrepreneurial Artist”