Here’s What I [fill in the blank]

I say I want                                                  .

I really want                                                  .

My way of making this dream a reality is                                          .

What You Want?

In Conclusion:

1. Know what you want.

2. Make sure it’s truly what you want and not just what you say you want.

3. Take action to get what you want.

 Dreams and ideas are nothing without implementation.


How are you putting action to your wants and dreams?


The Most Important Word of 2012

A single word haunts me.

I hear it bellowing the halls of the dormant recesses of my mind.

It calls me to action.

It begs me to commune with others, love better and grow creatively.

It wants me to start and finish that project I’ve always wanted to produce.

I haven’t revealed the word to anyone until now. Partly because if I shared it, I would be accountable to all it entails. Alece from Grit and Glory started a new community called One Word 365.

Community provides bravery. So, here goes. . .

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