Let the Good Times Roll

[box options]Today’s post is a guest post by Jim Woods. He is a writer, blogger and guitar junkie in Nashville, TN. He is also a chocolate chip cookie addict, but who isn’t right? You can read his blog here and find him on Twitter @unknownjim. [/box]


Tree. Arrow. Bee. Fish. Light Bulb. Turtle. Sad. Building. Footprint. What do all of these things have in common? Not much at all. But those are my results on my first roll with my Rory’s Story Cubes.


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The Shortest Short Stories: Tiny Stories

Whilst traveling, my wife and I ran into a friend who had this book:

Tiny Stories

It’s a fascinating (tiny) book of idea generators, saucy illustrations and super teeny-tiny stories. Coupled with this post of writing prompts I read yesterday, I thought I’d try my hand at a few tiny stories as well.

Please leave your own tiny story in the comments so we can all enjoy your creativity.

Tiny Story #1

She didn’t like it when Janice talked that way.

But then again, Janice didn’t like the way she listened either.

Tiny Story #2

When in doubt, stop doubting.

Tiny Story #3

He liked watching people draw, but his favorite was brush on canvas. That sent him reeling.

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