17 Ways to Inspire Creativity

1. Do something that scares you…like making pasta from scratch.

2. Visit The Creativity Post. I love this blog.

3. Give away something you made…that you normally don’t give away.

4. Charge for something you normally give away.

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Frustration to Creation in Three Steps

My wife and I were listening that “not-gonna-write-you-a-love-song” catchy tune the other day on the radio.

You know it right?

If not, here it is…

Wanting to know the song’s meaning, I did a little digging about why and how Sara Bareilles came up with they lyrics to “Love Song.” Here’s what she said:

“[referring to her music label] They had encouraged me to keep writing, and I just wasn’t having any luck, and I was turning in the beginnings of ideas and snippets of moments of a song, and I was just getting a really sort of blasé reaction to everything. I started to get really insecure about it, and then I got really pissed off at myself for caring what anybody thought…. I went to a rehearsal space one day. I sat down and wrote something for me. And ‘Love Song’ basically wrote itself. It’s totally honest, and I’m very lucky the label liked it as well.”

Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1583067/sara-bareilles-love-song-basically-wrote-itself.jhtml Continue reading “Frustration to Creation in Three Steps”

The Shortest Short Stories: Tiny Stories

Whilst traveling, my wife and I ran into a friend who had this book:

Tiny Stories

It’s a fascinating (tiny) book of idea generators, saucy illustrations and super teeny-tiny stories. Coupled with this post of writing prompts I read yesterday, I thought I’d try my hand at a few tiny stories as well.

Please leave your own tiny story in the comments so we can all enjoy your creativity.

Tiny Story #1

She didn’t like it when Janice talked that way.

But then again, Janice didn’t like the way she listened either.

Tiny Story #2

When in doubt, stop doubting.

Tiny Story #3

He liked watching people draw, but his favorite was brush on canvas. That sent him reeling.

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Waiting to be Creative: Get a New Mantra

Photo Credit: Xiaoyun Lee (Creative Commons)

“I just don’t feel inspired right now.”

“Not really feeling creative.”

“I can’t work under a deadline. My creativity doesn’t happen like that.”

Bull@#$*. For real. I don’t like to use strong language, yet sometimes you gotta call it what it is.

Especially if it’s ruining your artist and your life.

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